Binary Deli's Rules

General Rules

  1. Don't be a dick
  2. No, really, don't be a dick. We all like to poke fun at each other, but take care that you don't cross the line into mean-spirited abuse

Discord Rules

  1. Be mindful of background noise, and use Push-to-talk when appropriate
  2. Don't chew, belch, or play music through your mic
  3. If a group of people are in a semi-serious match, don't fill the channel with chatter

Gameplay Rules

  1. No cheating. Do not use external means to gain unfair advantages in multiplayer games
  2. No griefing. Do not ruin others' good time
  3. No abuse. Do not, via voice or text, berate, belittle, or insult other players, whether on your team or the enemy team
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